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Multimedia Graphics offers very affordable, poster design services, printing  & corporate branding. Multimedia can  design corporate designs, Events, special occasions, concerts, theatrical, and more. Our print design expertise also translates into effective marketing. Multimedia graphic designers are both creative, experienced and know what works better for your marketing functions. You can use our print design for a broad range of corporate marketing such as brochures, Booklets, flyers, posters, logos and corporate branding. Our poster design services is always in line with your marketing direction.  We have been instrumental in creating professional online and traditional marketing and print material for businesses throughout Minneapolis, St Paul, twin cities area.

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If you’ve been searching for an affordable graphic design service firm in Minneapolis & St Paul Area who is responsive to your needs and goes above and beyond what is expected in order to make sure each and every one of our graphic design clients is happy, then you need to contact Multimedia Graphics.

The goal of every poster is to expose people to something. Most of these “touches” involve inviting someone to something, such as a concert or movie or other event. For that reason a call to action is vital. Think of it in the same way you would if designing a call to action for a website or app – give it a high-level of prominence in the design.

We are one of the most affordable design firms around and also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Picking up that phone (612-312-1757) or submitting a graphic design service request involves no risk on your part! We can even give you pricing without ever speaking on the phone. We’ll simply email you an all inclusive price quote based on your email request.

Poster Design Services & More

We offer  affordable printing style, material & finishes with a quick turnaround. Contact us today for poster design services. Depending on the location and audience for your poster a cool printing technique might be in order. There are a lot of things you can do on paper that just don’t work in digital projects. This might be the perfect opportunity to try out something like gloss text paper, gloss card stock or a UV layer. Many of these techniques are often reserved for higher-end projects or events with a certain level of prestige.

When it comes to printing techniques, there can be budgetary considerations as well. Some printing processes can be pricey; so make sure you have enough wiggle room with the budget before you get started.

Materialposter design services

  • Standard card stock
  • Heavy card stock
  • Coated finishes
  • Any color


  • Uncoated
  • Matte
  • UV Finish
  • Spot gloss
  • Gloss Finish

How much is our poster design pricing?

Putting together a budget for a poster design? Don’t sweat it we have the numbers you need to plan ahead! To help you plan your budget we researched the median cost for each design.

Poster Design

  • Hourly rate: $85
  • Total time: 1-2 hours

Poster Design Services Design Fulfillment

In an age with so much design talk centering around websites and apps, the art of poster design is often an afterthought. Posters can work in a variety of ways for almost any project. They are a great form of promotion and can help expose the masses to your personal, business or client message.

Multimedia Graphics will handle every aspect of your  poster design, printing and web ad services. From print coordination, ordering and delivery, we handle it all. And you will be surprised by just how affordable we are. Our complete design and printing service is usually less than most companies charge just for design services. Call 612-312-1757 we will be glad to help!