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Multimedia Graphics web design creates amazing web sites, we are Minneapolis premier web design agency and web development company that creates responsive, mobile web sites. We guarantee SEO & Marketing Solutions for Business in Lake Elmo Minnesota.

So, do you want affordable web design that loses prospects or wins customers?

Multimedia Graphics creates custom design solutions that get attention AND work beautifully. We’re ready to help you with thoughtful marketing strategies, imaginative web design and savvy web development, so you can present your business and products to the world with pride and confidence.

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Website Designer Lake Elmo MN – Mobile Web Design

Mobile web design is about getting them exactly what they need, the moment they need it. If your website’s like a Multimedia, your mobile site should be like a shot of espresso. It should deliver precisely what your customer needs, and nothing more. Creating a mobile web design that packs this kind of punch – within the constraints of a mobile browser – requires a concentrated effort and careful development. The result should be a streamlined site that conveys essential information to your customer, in a format that’s easy to navigate on an iOS or Android mobile browser.Whether it’s a web app or a native app, you should consider:

  • Structured navigation that works great on mobile devices.
  • Content should be arranged in a way that gives your visitors what they are looking for.
  • Make sure you have a solid call to action that drive the behavior of your visitors.

Sample Websites Links

Tavern 23
Landscapes Unlimited
Drmp Concrete
Affordable Mattress
John Randles Restaurant
Dudens Tree Care

Website Designer Lake Elmo MN  – Responsive Design

Each website is designed to meet the specific needs of your audience and forward the unique objectives of your business. And we don’t stop there. We believe that your web design – whether it’s desktop or mobile – should push your brand forward. Help you build deeper connections with your customers. Create a positive spark that makes your users smile. So whether you’re selling services, products, or just great ideas , you’ll know that the functionality, user experience, and content built into your site dovetail with your goals.Why is mobile responsiveness a big deal?

  • Your site should work well no matter what device your visitors are on.
  • Site content should rearrange to fit the new dimensions.
  • Your site should be optimized for ALL devices!

Web Design – Prototyping

We find out the best ways for your customer to use your site.

In the prototyping phase, we explore the best ways of presenting the navigation, content, and key features of your site. Our process for doing this saves you time and money. Rather than jumping into elaborate design work, we start by creating basic wireframes that lay out the essential elements of each page on your site. This method allows us to create prototypes for your site efficiently and revise them quickly. Once we’ve settled on the final wireframes, we move into the really fun parts of creating your site – development and design.

What is the value of extra time spent planning?

  • Quickly prototype how the site will be laid out
  • We can gather feedback and make changes before the hard work gets started
  • Measure twice, cut once. Let’s get your project done right, the first time!

Web Design – Research

What does your customer want?

Our goal is to develop a clear vision of your customer and their expectations. We can begin planning a coherent structure for your site, one that’s persuasive, elegant, and accomplishes your goals. In the research phase of UX, we uncover your customer’s key questions. In the planning phase, we create a site that answers them. That means organizing your content in a way that makes sense to your customer, creating a clear navigational structure that helps them move through your site intuitively, using “call to actions” that lead your customers from curiosity to commitment. After we’ve assessed each element that should be included in your site, we bring them all together to create prototypes.Consider this:

  • How do they behave online?
  • How do they talk about your product?
  • What are they really looking for?


Website Designer Lake Elmo MN Web Design Fulfillment

Multimedia Graphics will handle every aspect of your web design services updating your facebook, twitter and google business and of course blogging, we handle it all. And you will be surprised by just how affordable we are. Our complete design and printing service is usually less than most companies charge just for design services. Call 612-312-1757 we will be glad to help

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